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Robin's Students!

Robin has been a clinical preceptor primarily for student midwives enrolled in the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program (ATMMTP) since 2005 and the Midwives College of Utah (MCU) since 2012. She has also been a preceptor for students of other schools throughout the United States, England and Germany. Each student's apprenticeship training is directly dependent on the acceptance and cooperation of all of Robin's clients. It is Robin's desire that all her clients feel as comfortable with her apprentice(s) as possible. During each student's training, she will progress from new student to apprentice/birth assistant to midwife. Thank you, in advance, for assisting Robin in the endeavor to ensure that midwifery remains available to all women in Texas by helping in the process to train the midwives of the future.  

Robin is currently "in transition" with students and does not have anyone assigned to her full time at the moment. 

Also, Robin's practice has been a "clinical site" for LVN (nursing) students. On certain clinical days of the week, a nursing student shadowed Robin as part of his/her maternal/baby clinical training. This provided the students with insight into alternative birthing practices and midwifery care! 

"Schwester" Christine Menzel (d. 2010) -

St. Johannes Frauenklinik

Hagen, Nordrheinwestfalen, Germany.

Christine was Robin's inspiration to become a midwife. Through her guidance and teaching, she was the beginning of Robin's path as a midwife.